Blossom in arm binding torment

I was going through the out-take archives and realised I hadn’t put up this set of Blossom Blois yet! The video A Night in Bondage which stars Blossom was the best selling clip in our clip store for quite a while!

It starts off all smiles, but that was before the hard work had kicked in and the blood flow had been restricted…

Blossom Blois wrists tied Blossom Blois wrists tied

Blossom Blois wrists tiedBlossom Blois wrists and ankles tied

Lights, camera, and cleave gag…

Blossom Blois cleave gagged

Frank begins the rope masterpiece behind Blossom’s back…

Blossom Blois waist tied

Blossom Blois arms tied


In the next update Frank’s rope masterpiece will be revealed!

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